The main business of Zhejiang Yiwu China Commodities City Import and Export Co., Ltd.includes importing merchandise distribution (ICMALL imported lifestyle mart and various online platform store systems), direct/agent import procurement, overseas brand agency, import supply chain finance, import logistics customs clearance services, etc. In the near future, it will build a comprehensive import trade service platform integrating supply chain, channels, logistics, and financial services.

Cooperative Alliance

ICMALL imported lifestyle mart help you explore the good products all over the world.

Set up cooperative stores, output unified brand and management, provide ancillary support.
  • Maternal and child products

  • Beauty and skin care

  • Daily chemical washing

  • Kitchen supplies

  • Food, grain and oil

  • Alcohol and beverages


Electronic business platform

Overseas procurement/Cross-border distribution
Cooperated with the major imported cross-border e-commerce platforms, such as Kaola Overseas Flagship Store and Tmall International Flagship Store, ICMALL will build an overseas cross-border distribution network, integrating overseas procurement and cross-border distribution.